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About time

One day I made a conscious decision that I will not let traumas define me. Although my past shaped me into the person I have become today, I had to learn how to re-wire my brain so that I could find my true-self again. 
Shading away all that kept me stuck in a loop of dysfunctions, and reinvente myself when it was time to move forward.

Epigenetics was a life changer for me as it opened the doors to so many possibilities. I came across Bruce Lipton work 20 years ago and used part of this concept ever since. This science didn't just shape me to a more authentic version of myself, but it made me realise the importance of living in a more mindful and conscious way. 

Female Swimmer
Female Swimmer


The journey started after my body accumulated all kind of ailments on a physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual level. I then realised that it wasn't going to get any better unless I got proactive. So I made it a mission to get healthier one day.

I believe that the self-discovery journey is of an intimate nature. Something that we come to feel and work through until it gets better. Being facilitated through this process is part of the learning curve of course, but mostly letting neuroplasticity do its magic as we become consistant with practicing, is when real growth takes place.

Sunset Romance


Undeniable shifts manifest themselves. It is liberating to reach a sense of who we want to become. We see the next version of ourselves and it is empowering! Self-believe, self-worth, self-nurture, self-respect, all those words come to mind when I think of how challenging it was for me to face my own demons and emotions before I could even engage into any meaningful shifts within myself.

Many tools, techniques and methods are available for growth process. But only when one is ready to explore, commit and venture outside their limiting beliefs, those will become relevant and fruitful to real growth.
Reading about them is one thing but putting them into practice in a consistant way is another as I came to realise from my own journey.


Let me help you embracing your own process toward the next version of yourself. Let's go on your adventure of self-discovery and reach out to the authentic you! I promise you, it will be amazing!

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