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Let me help you living a more authentic life

I launched my first clinic in Shoreditch in 2010 spreading the word on alternative therapies and prevention ever since. Aromaflexology, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Naturopathic Nutrition, Essential oil therapy, Live Blood Analysis and Hypnotherapy were the alternative therapies that had the most impact on my health recovery.

A few of those tools I now offer at 4 Balance and Health.

This combination of alternative therapies allowed me to have a more rounded approach to anyone who wanted to learn about themselves and how much they could achieve with their own health if they consciously attuned to it. A body mind and soul approach if you like.

Over the years, I have had the privilege to hear many life stories often relating around intimacy, sexuality, traumas, and family or intimate relationships.
These were mostly the topics discussed on the couch whilst the cleansing was taking place. The tools I offer here, beside colonic hydrotherapy, gave me a more rounded approach to facilitate one's health journey. One could integrate new ways into their day to day living and increase their awareness. Feedback would always blow my mind!

It inspired me to dig deeper, and I started looking into how I could bring inner peace to the gut so the mind could move forward and embrace life in a more authentic way.

The body's wisdom

The gut is such an intelligent organ allowing the brain to surrender the body and attune to the heart. It is quite a powerful thing to let the body talk and allow oneself to connect with themselves, to listen and to feel their body in that present moment. It brings awareness to the body’s ability to connect to its true essence. I strongly believe in the body’s wisdom to feel and respond effectively to its external environment so that emotions can be released. Not everybody is able to express their emotions with words, but the gut never lies, and it is that I have come to learn from the thousands of souls whom I have had the privilege to work with over the past 15 years.

With my clinic being shut for 9 months throughout the pandemic, it gave me the opportunity to finish this project which has been close to my heart for such a long time. I just needed to deliver it and now IS the time!


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