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About Hypnosis

Emotions can take over our logic mostly because of how we programmed ourselves in the early stages of our life. 

From birth to 7 years old, the brain goes mostly into what's called a "Theta mode", one of our brain's wave which is a state of programming and hypnosis. This is the time when we absorb the information projected onto us. Most of what we hear, see and perceive go straight to the subconscious. Our perceptions then become our program by natural hypnosis. Most of the time, it is our program dictating the way we feel, react and therefore, behave.

After 12 years old, we enter  a "Beta mode", another brain's wave which is a state of focus, alert and awareness. When our brain is in Beta, our subconscious is then overdrove by our consciousness. Therefore our beliefs systems and paradigms from our earlier childhood get locked in to dominate our emotions and behaviours.

Depending on whether we have positive or negative beliefs and perceptions to our experiences, will we be led toward positive or negative behaviors and emotions as we keep on with our life journey.


Hypnosis facilitates communication with the subconscious mind. This in turn improves the mindset for effective changes within ourselves.

By bringing you into a state of deep relaxation using Hypnosis (and therefore attuning to your theta wave), I will help you connecting to your creativity and intuition, daydreaming and fantasizing. 

The beauty of being in a theta mode is to allow stored memories, emotions and sensations to be remodeled so that you can keep on with your life exploration in a more peaceful way.

What should you expect from Hypnosis?

As long as your mind is willing to relax and go into hypnosis, will you go into hypnosis.

You are in control at all times, therefore naturally aware of what is happening and where you are.

You will feel deeply relaxed throughout your session.

Your mind goes by its own rules, ethics and morals, therefore will naturally rejects any suggestions given to you which goes against these.

You will be able to go back to your day as normal after your session is over.

Realigning yourself with Hypnosis

The connection between your mental and physical entities dictates your state of mind on a daily basis. Whether you feel physical or emotional pain, sadness, restlessness, anxiety, anger, fear or any other emotions, stress naturally builds up in your body.

Your mind ends up worsening physical discomforts/ pain and emotions from this ongoing stress, therefore your nervous system gets ovewhelmed. You then get stuck in a viscious circle of stress from undealt emotions.


In time, stress causes all sort of body's ailments on a physical, emotional and psychological level.


Hypnosis can help you get back to your body's equilibrium from a period of stress. Hypnosis also helps you to get into a deep state of relaxation. Therefore, gives the body time to reset itself from the knock on effect of stress in that very moment. In time, you will become more conscious of your stressors which will lead you to a more grounded approach to decisions making.


Give your mind the space it needs to experience an emotional realignment and in time, helps you regain your inner peace.


1st consultation: 90 mins - £250

Follow-up:            90 mins - £200

I only travel in Central London for home consultation.

Enjoy Hypnosis in the comfort of your own home

Online Hypnosis also available.

+44 7958 755536

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