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What is this workshop about

This workshop is about connecting to our senses. How we welcome our own intimacy, as well as  sharing it with one another in the most relaxing way possible.

It is about reaching a calmer state of mind and allowing the body’s inner-wisdom to express its authentic self. It is also about not feeling alone on the road of awareness, so that we can meet and grow alongside other curious souls.


Pairing-up is an important aspect of my workshop as it allows everyone to work on their connections skills in a safe and relaxing environment. This is hugely important since we all experience trauma at some point in our life. Whatever level of trauma or the nature of that trauma, I believe our body needs to be able to trust again to keep an open heart and grow in peace with ourselves and our environment.

To explore your body’s inner-wisdom can be truly empowering. It allows you to tap into a deeper awareness about yourself. It will guide you to your heart and soul’s alignment.

I enjoy bringing people together in a safe space where they can relax in each other’s presence. Feeling overwhelmed can occur in an intimate environment. Strong emotions let the mind take control over our heart. This can jeopardise our ability to be in the now.


Switching the nervous system from a state of fight and flight to a state of deep relaxation allows better alignment within our body. This in turn can manifest our authentic-self for a truer and deeper connection in time with oneself and another.


I use a holistic and integrative approach to facilitate my workshops. A variety of techniques and tools which can be easily incorporated into one’s day to day living. Deepening and embracing meaningful changes in the body, mind and soul.


  • Qi-Gong and Tao merging techniques to retrieve our own body’s energy

  • Cardiac diaphragmatic breathing technique to teach the nervous system how to switch “fight and flight” into a relaxed state

  • Creative Visualisation to absorb what you learnt throughout the day

  • Interactive and transformative exercises throughout the day

What you will experience

  • Meeting other like-minded souls


  • Regulating your emotions in the now


  • Discovering and embracing your own boundaries


  • Feeling your body’s vibrations and responses to movement and musical frequencies


  • The benefits from pairing-up


  • Talking openly in a safe space


  • Relaxing your body from the touch of another


  • Embracing your inner child


  • Getting inspired to live in a way that is wakeful, mindful, heartfelt and playful



A truly inspiring space where we can learn from our experiences, support, and help each other to develop, heal and grow. Let’s embrace a more authentic living together, in a holistic, safe, non-judgmental, and confidential space, where open conversations can happen.


To save your space, call me on 0207 247 7742

Whatsapp (+44) 7958 755 536