Experience a transformational workshop

Discover your intimate self
for more authentic connections

Having been running my holistic clinic in London since 2010, I felt it was time to expand my work from individual consultations to group workshops


From my own life experiences, and strong interest in “the intimate self”, I have created a program which is designed around our senses and our own intimacy, allowing the body’s inner wisdom to fully express itself. It is surprising how much we already know if we just listen to it. Being human is about connection, and the relationships between ourselves and others.

Trusting in the process of how our body expresses its feelings and emotions through life experiences. Allowing ourselves for a more conscious way to live our life to the fullest. 


Intimacy is an inside job which in time, as we learn to become more present and available to ourselves, can share our vulnerable side with another soul. Allowing us to lower our walls, our masks and projections for a period of time, and simply meet in a present moment as we are.


Ed contemplating 1.jpg
Ed contemplating 1.jpg


Sunday 3rd of July

Sunday 7th of August
Sunday 18th of September

10am - 5pm

Arthur Murray Dance Studios

77 Baker Street


W1 6RF



Early birds ticket (ends 30th of May)     £150

Full price ticket (until 27th of June)        £175

Bring your own lunch

or enjoy lunch at a nearby Cafe
(Free snacks and hot drinks will be available throughout the day)

To save your space please call me on
0207 247 7742

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