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Then Reflexology came along in dealing with my body’s stressors.

I recognised that accumulated stress triggered my sore throat and psoriasis. After consulting with a Dermatologist who educated me on the connection between the streptococcus bacteria and guttate psoriasis, I added other modalities to Reflexology and completely eradicated this vicious circle.


Modalities such as red-light therapy, UV-B light therapy, Infra-red sauna, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Tao, Self-hypnosis and Creative Visualisation, Cardiac diaphragmatic breathing technique, Bio resonance and Heart Rate Variability device use, supplement and nutritional support, spiritual practices.

While colonic hydrotherapy was the therapy that ended my constipation for good after being a long-term laxative user, Essential oil therapy integrating the 5 elements philosophy was a breath of fresh air in my education since I felt the benefits on the emotional level that plants had on my nervous system.

Live blood analysis validated my progresses as I could see my blood’s behaviour shifting toward a better blood picture and I felt real health improvement.

I ended up creating my own Detoxification program (The Waning Detox) since fasting became part of my lifestyle in keeping my immune system sharp. My life journey had led me to cleanse at such a core level that I regained control of my own health.

Clinical-Hypnosis was the cherry on top as to gain an even more profound understanding of the deep-rooted patterns that I was still yet to address. This was a great tool in touching on my authenticity and a much clearer picture of my mental health.

My aspirations since working in the holistic field and having established my own Holistic Clinic in London has been to be able to work side by side with an Integrative Medicine Doctor. Since 2024 I joined Dr Anna Forbes team. It is a real privilege and a dream that has become true.

I enjoy immensely helping people to integrate new ways into their day-to-day life so that they can increase their awareness about their health. Digging deeper myself, I started looking into how I could bring inner peace to the gut so the mind could move forward and embrace life in a more authentic way. Reaching a calmer state of mind and allowing the body’s inner-wisdom to express its authentic self can be a real eye opener. One can then feel what the body lacks or has too much of. Acceptance, self-resiliency, and consistency in anything one does goes a long way in bringing inner peace.

There is a choice to be made when chaos enters our life. If recognised, one can make a conscious choice whether to detach from it or learn on how to live with it. But simply making that conscious step toward that choice is one step further toward an understanding about one’s health.


If you have an amazing place where I could facilitate my Workshop from, please get in touch! I would love to hear about it.

Whatsapp me: (+ 44) 7958 755536

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